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1.5L Electric Ceramic Cat Drinking Water Fountain For Cats Dogs Drinking Bowl Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dispenser

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1.Double filtration system: Unlike still water in a bowl, fresh flowing water in a fountain is more appealing for picky cats. We use filter sponge layers to filter impurities, volcanic rocks to purify water, rid the water of unpleasant smells, medical stones to balance PH value, ceramic carbon balls to absorb impurities, and soften water quality, and catch any hair that falls in. You can expect a well-hydrated cat, healthy and free of kidney problems and urinary tract infections!
2.Environmentally friendly materials: non-toxic and harmless, using high-quality natural ceramics.
3.Super silent: the sound of the water dispenser keeps below 40 decibels when running, and will not disturb you and your pet.
4.Large-capacity water storage: Large-capacity water storage can be used for pets to drink for up to 1 week.
5.Smart power-off: Will be automatically power-off when there's no water inside, prevent dry burning.

1.Clean the Drinking Fountain Every 7 days.
2.When using for the first time, please rinse the filter box for 2 minutes to flush out the filter element impurities caused by collision.

Material: Ceramics.
Color: Green, Pink, Blue.
Size:1L, 1.5L.
Scene: Indoor.
Suitable for dog breeds: Poodle, French Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua York, Labrador, Dachshund, Terrier, Teddy, Golden Retriever, Corgi.
Suitable for large, medium, small dogs cats to drink water.

Package Content:
1 x Pet Fountain Dispenser