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2 in 1 Petkitshop Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar

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What is Invifence?

Invifence is a wireless pet fence specially designed to keep your dog safe and happy inside the yard. It allows you to have both Wireless Fence and Training System in one device. We make Invifence easy to set up, effective, and affordable for anyone. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's join the community of 26.000+ satisfied dog owners who have tried and helped by Invifence. It’s time to have a peaceful day and let your best friend have the freedom to play outside.

Why Do You Need Invifence?

✔️ Effective Containment
With 3 types of correction, (beep, vibrate, and shock) dogs will learn and adapt quickly to the limitation and boundaries you’ve set. Keep dogs inside the fence and out of harm.

✔️ Cost Friendly
We know how costly installing a real fence just to contain a dog. That’s why we make Invifence available for only a fraction price of a real fence so that every household with dogs can get benefit from it.

✔️ Easy Installation
Everyone can use Invifence quickly and easily. Simply turn it on, pair it up, and put it into action. No digging or burying wire needed that causes damage to the yard.

✔️ Rechargeable & Portable
Move or travel a lot with your dogs? No worry! This device is portable, meaning you can easily take it anywhere with you and have it ready and set up everywhere.

✔️ Peace & Freedom
Let dogs play freely and happily inside the yard without having to worry of losing them. No more physical force of a leash on the dog’s neck or on you. More freedom for dogs and a peaceful mind for you.

How does It Work?

The working principle of Invifence is simple. The transmitter will track the distance of your dog by sending repeated signals to the receiver that is attached to the dog’s collar. ­­

When the collar receives signal from the base unit, the collar is considered still within the safe zone boundary and no correction will be sent off. If for some reason the collar stops receiving signal (e.g collar goes out of boundary, signal blocked by obstacle, or the transmitter battery dies), the collar will be considered to be run out of the safe zone and it will start entering the working mode to send off the correction. 

The principle of the working mode is as follows:

Phase 1 - Collar will beep for 5 seconds;
Phase 2 - Collar will vibrate for 5 seconds;
Phase 3 - Collar will beep & vibrate together for 6 seconds;
Phase 4 - Collar will shock for 5 seconds;
Phase 5 - Collar will beep & shock together for 6 seconds;
Phase 6 - Collar will keep beeping until it returns and receives a signal

If the collar returns to the boundary and is able to receive back signal transmitted by the base unit, the collar is considered to have returned to the safe zone and it will stop sending off correction.

Upgraded Features

  • Dual Antenna

    With the upgraded dual antenna, area coverage and signal stability has been drastically improved. With 2.4GHz built-in transmission, no internet or wifi is needed when using Invifence. The transmitter can be set starting from distance 30, 60, 90, 150, and up to 300 meters (1000ft) in radius. If there is a wall and buildings between the transmitter & the receiver, or any other signal interference such as cars, trucks, trees, and metal things, the distance might slightly be affected. It is best to put the base unit 1 meter above the ground and in an open space such as your backyard.

  • Adjustable Collar Strap
    Do you have a big dog? or a small dog? No worries! The Invifence collar is a collar that fits all sizes of dogs. The collar range can be adjusted starting from 6 to 28 inches, suitable for dogs of all sizes (between 10 to 110 pounds).

  • Connect Multiple Collars
    With multi-sync, you can connect up to 3 dogs simultaneously. Connect the receiver to 3 different signal channels available on the base unit totrain and manually send correction to your dog. Best protection for the pack.

  • Beep, Vibrate, Shock
    Train dogs safely and quickly with the 3 types of correction mode available.No more physical force of a leash on the dog’s neck or on you. It's time to control your dog effectively.

  • IP65 Waterproof
    Invifence is built for any weather.The receiver has an IP65 waterproof rating and the transmitter is rainproof. The Invifence is able to withstand moisture and various weather conditions. Made of durable and lightweight material, it won't burden your dogs in any way. Don't stop your dogs from playing in the weather. Make every day is a great playtime for your dogs with Invifence.

  • Rechargeable & Portable
    Do you move or travel a lot with your dogs? No worry! Invifence is a rechargeable and portable device, meaning you can easily take it anywhere with you and have it ready for your dogs.

How to Use

  • Plan your layout and estimate the radius distance of the transmitter to put it in the best spot
  • Install the metal contact probe and the silicone cover to the receiver
  • Turn on the transmitter and receiver to start pairing
  • Once it is paired, go to the training mode and try all modes available to check if the receiver work properly
  • To check if the shock mode works properly, use the LED tester provided in the box and put it on the metal probe. If the LED lights up, then the shock mode works properly
  • Now try to test the coverage distance of the transmitter. Press the mode button to enter the fence mode
  • Set a distance that you wish the transmitter to cover
  • With the LED tester placed on the metal contact probe, walk away from the transmitter and see if the distance covered is what you wish for.
  • When the transmitter is out of the set boundaries, the transmitter will produce 2 cycles of beep + shock correction, when the shock correction is working, the LED tester should have lighted up
  • After getting to know and testing all of the features, your installation process has been completed and it's time to put it into action
  • Put it on the pet’s neck and adjust the length of the strap accordingly

- Make sure to always check and have enough battery on both transmitter and receiver before using. When the battery of the transmitter dies, the transmitter will stop transmitting signal to the receiver. It will make the receiver start sending correction as it is unable to receive the signal.
- Put the transmitter at least 1 meter above the ground and in an open space area where there is no barrier to transmit the signal better.
- For safety, the collar should not be worn for more than 12 hours a day. Make sure to check the dog’s neck frequently and re-adjust it when needed.
- Not recommended for aggressive dogs.

What's Included

1 x Invifence Transmitter
1 x / 2x / 3x Receiver
Adjustable Collar Strap
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x LED Light Tester
4 x Metal Probes
4 x Silicone Covers
1 x Wall Mount Screw
1 x User Manual


1. How does it work?
Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar system, will track the distance of your dog by sending out a repeating signal. Once that signal is too far from the Transmitter, the collar will first beep. This teaches your dog that they are going beyond the boundaries you set for them. If they keep moving past, the beeping increases until the collar give a 1.5ma shock which has been tested and proven to be safe for dogs or other pets shock. If your dog is stubborn or hard of hearing then a shock will make sure they stop running and come back to the zone.

2. Do I need to have WiFi or internet connection for this unit to work?
No, you don't need WiFi or internet connection. The wireless fence unit uses signal that transmitted by the transmitter to the receiver to know the distance of your dog.

3. How big is the coverage of your dog fence?
Our wireless dog fence can cover up to 300 meters in radius. It can be set starting from distance 30, 60, 90, 150, and up to 300 meters.  If there is a wall or building between the transmitter & the receiver, or any other signal interference, the distance might slightly be affected. It is not only the furthest distance wireless dog fence on the market but also the only wireless dog fence that is equipped with a training mode feature.

4. Will the collar fit my dog?
2 in 1 Invifence Wireless Dog Fence & Training Collar is fully adjustable. It can be adjusted starting from 6 to 8 inches, suitable for dogs of all sizes (between 10 to 110 pounds).

5. Can I adjust how strong the vibration or shock sent to my dog?
When in training mode, you can adjust the sensitivity of each correction (beep, vibrate, shock). Beep has 1 level of intensity, Vibration and Shock have 3 level intensity.

6. How often do I need to charge it?
It depends on how frequently the unit works. For safety and better experience, we suggest charging the unit every time after use, just like charging our mobile phone every night so that it will be ready for the next playtime session. It takes 4-5 hours to charge the transmitter and 2-3 hours to charge the receivers. In standby mode, the transmitter could last up to 2 weeks and the collar could last up to 1 week.

7. Does the system work for square, rectangle, or any other type of yards?
The wireless fence transmitter covers area in radial. It is best to put the wireless transmitter in an open space such as your backyard to prevent any signal interference that could affect the distance coverage.

8. Can I connect more than 1 dog?
Absolutely! The wireless fence & training collar system is able to connect up to 3 collars for 3 dogs simultaneously.

9. Will the collar keep shocking my dog if they run out of the set boundary?
When your dog runs out of the set boundary or when the collar is unable to receive signal from the transmitter, the collar will run 2 cycles of beep-vibrate- shock. After that, it will only keep producing beep sound (no shock) until your dog returns to the set boundary or until the collar is able to receive signal from the transmitter again.

10. Why did the collar beep while my dog is well inside the house?
This situation happens most likely because the signal was interfered with by the stuff inside the house. The wireless fence is a device that highly relies on the strength and stability of the signal. It is designed to be placed and used outside during the dog's playtime to contain dogs at a place where there is no containment stuff such as doors, walls, or fences. We don't recommend using a wireless fence inside the house as there will be many obstacles that might affect the signal of the transmitter.

11. Is it okay to put the collar on the dog's neck overnight?
We are strongly against the idea of putting the collar on a dog's neck and leave it overnight as there might be things that could potentially trigger the collar to send corrections for example when the transmitter dies due to running out of battery.

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