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2021 Upgraded Pet Seat Belt | Elastic & Reflective Bungee

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"Love this seat belt! I've tried others and this is by far the best. Love the bungee cord that allows a bit of "give" when stopping suddenly rather than a sharp jerk. It also adjusts out longer than any of the other belts I've tried. Highly recommend this product!" - Anna C. 



Whether it’s a short trip to the store or a long road journey with the family, you’ll want to make sure your pet Is safe and secure for the ride!

The small act of simply strapping your pet up with our safety belt can protect him from whiplash and any dangerous movements during driving.


✔ Universal Metal Buckle – Our safety belt is designed with a latch that can be used in any type of car!

✔ Adjustable -The belt uses thick straps and swivel buckles which you can adjust to what you feel is a safe amount of movement for your dog.

✔ Durable – Built to withstand all types of dangers and sudden stops. Also. it is highly chew-resistance!

✔ Washable – Want to give the belt a wash – no problem! You can easily throw some water and scrub off any dirt.

Customer FAQ:

Can I use the same belt for different-sized dogs?

  • Of course. The carabiner can fit any dog's collar or harness size and keeps all dogs safe!

Can I use the belt in any type of car?

  • Yes! The belt is designed so that it fits safely and securely in almost all vehicles!

Will it be safe for dogs that like to move around?

  • Yes! Our belt is designed similarly to your own car seat belts making it secure enough to let your pet move around without discomfort.


Material: Nylon and Metal
Upgrade Adjustable Size: 20.8-29.5 inch (53-75 cm)


1 x Pet Car Safety Belt