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African Female Musician Sculpture

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The African Female Musician Sculpture is a trio of charming ladies that creates an interesting look for any space! Hand painted, highly detailed with professional craftsmanship. It perfectly draws your eye to all the details in its design and color, and makes a great gift for anyone.

This is one of the most detailed hand-painted resin figurines containing 3 musicians with instruments. Whether you're a music lover or a fan of fine art, you'll be captivated by the exquisite detail and brilliant colors. 

These sculpted pieces, display a creative interpretation of African women in modern art. It is made of hand-cast resin and then hand-painted to capture the fine details and texture. Each musician has unique posture and great details making a gorgeous addition to any space.


Material: Resin

Weight: 1.2kg / 2.64 lb.

Musicians: The Lute Guitar - Djembe Drum -  Flute

Color: As picture


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