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Dog Carrier Backpack - Legs Out Front-Facing Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Medium Large Dogs, dog pouch

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★【HEAD OUT - NO SENSE OF BONDAGE】- A drawstring opening neck hole on the top of the backpack to keep your pet stick their head out, make them ventilation and visible, enjoy the entertainment with their host, adjustable hole string and soft mesh padded hole edge to ensure its security and comfort. The maximum weight for dogs and cats is 22Lbs.

★【SUPERIOR COMFORT - DIFFERENT FROM OTHER DOG BACKPACK】- Both the back and adjustable shoulder straps of the dog carrier backpack are equipped with extra thick padding, which help to relieve the burden of your shoulder and back, making it more comfortable to wear, the doggie backpack takes the stress out of traveling with your four-legged friend! Great for traveling, riding, walking, sightseeing, camping, hiking and more outdoor activities. Make every time you go out is extraordinarily easy.

★【STURDY CANVAS FABRIC】- Made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. High quality canvas dealt with multiple sophisticated treatment appears to be lightweight, soft and wearable. Comfortable, fun, and easy way to transport your pet without sacrificing their security, or comfort. Use this dog backpack to let you and your dog have a good time out or travel!

★【SAFETY AND VERSATILITY FOR PETS】- Pet shoulder bag includes an adjustable safety hook which links to your pet's collar and two buttons on mouth of the bag, preventing your pet from falling out accidentally. The side of the backpack is equipped with a D-shaped buckle, which can be used to hook up the daily use of the dog, such as folding cups, picking up bags, etc. A dog backpack is used for many purposes, releasing our hands, which is what we want on the road.

When to Use a Dog Carrier Backpack

Dog backpacks are different from dog slings in that they affix to your back, or on the front of your chest and allow your dog to sit upright with legs and head out.

They allow you the maximum amount of movement while keeping your dog secure against you and easily accessible.

Dog backpacks are best suited for high-impact activities like biking or hiking, but can be used around the house as well.

Chest carrier.

You’ll be better able to see what your dog is doing if he’s on your chest and that definitely comes with its benefits. You’ll be able to see if he needs redirected or if he needs calming kisses, and if he gets agitated, you’ll be able to squeeze him tight to help him adjust. The down side is that he’ll always be in your business. You won’t have your regular range of motion, your balance may be compromised, and if you thought you were going to be able to eat with your dog strapped to your chest, think again. No matter how badly your dog begs and pouts when you eat at the table, it’s that much worse when you have to wave the food in front of his nose just to get it to your face. So weigh these pros and cons carefully before you make your choice.

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It goes without saying that no matter what type of carrier you’re getting, you need to make sure your dog is getting plenty of air. But it won’t only need to be breathable for your dog, but for you, too. If you’re wearing your dog, your comfort still matters and the carrier will need to give your body proper ventilation, too. After all, attaching your dog to your can often feel like you’re carrying around your own personal heater. A good padded mesh or breathable cotton will go a long way in allowing you to wear your pup for longer periods of time. The back panel of the backpack is the biggest culprit for overheating you but don’t forget that those straps are likely to make you sweat, too. Keep in mind that when you opt for durable, sometimes you may give up the air circulation.

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If you plan on wearing your dog for extended periods, you’re going to want to find a backpack that is designed to go easy on your body. An ergonomic design can help you (and possibly your dog) maintain your position for longer. You’ll want straps that curve in so that they’ll go with your body’s angles- and while you’re at it, make sure those straps are well-padded. You may also benefit from a properly balanced backpack – meaning one that will keep your dog in a position that won’t throw off your balance or over-pressure certain muscles of your body. You won’t wear the backpack often if every time you wear it, it throws out your back.

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If you have a mild mannered, light weight dog, a sling is just about the easiest way there is to carry your dog. You sling it over your shoulder and across your chest, pick your dog up and plop him in the sling. There are sometimes safety harnesses inside the sling, but not always and if your dog is super chill, just down for the adventure, you may not even feel like you need one, anyways. (Always start with one though, at least. You never know the limits to your dog’s curiosity until you test them.)

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★【BUY WITH OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】- You will love these dog carrier backpack and so will your pet. We’re confident of this. So confident, in fact, that we offer a full money back guarantee or replacement item if you decide you’re not happy with your new sling bag for any reason. Just send it back and we’ll take care of the rest!