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Dog Prong Collar, Dog Pinch Training Collar with Quick Release Snap Buckle for Small Medium Large Dogs

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Dog Prong Collar, Perfect Dog Training Helper

Does your dog always pull the leash so you have to follow your dog in a hurry?

Can't stop your dog to eat rubbish on the road when walking?

Are all training methods failing that make you desperate?

No worry, Dog Pinch Collars will help you solve all of them.

Dog pinch collar is an effective dog training tools to train your stubborn friend without producing any pain or injury.

A pinch collar, also called a prong collar, is composed of small metal rings linked together and each has a set of prongs that tighten and pinch your dog’s neck( no pain) when it is being pulled by dog. Similar to a chain bracelet, can be adjusted by removing or adding the links. It simply pinches the skin on the neck, simulating the effect of another canine nipping at the neck.

Positive punishment is an effective training choice.

Love our dogs through knowing and training them!


All Polished Surface

Argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability, nylon strap and durable D-ring make it a long lifetime to use. Secure and comfortable design bring better training experience.


Smooth Rubber Caps

No sharp ends after wearing Rubber Caps, no harm for your dog's neck. If you need it to be more effective, you can take the caps off, but attention not to use it in that situation a long term.


Easy Release Buckle

High-strength quick release buckle, made of quality plastic material, hard to break for your dog, and easy to put it on/ take off, can unravel quickly for any situation.