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Dog Shower Brush

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The Handy Way To Clean Your Pets!

 This Dog shower comb is perfect for long or short hair pets. The side of this bath brush has an anti-slip design which will help you control the force well and make your cat and dog feel comfortable. With one-piece foam reservoir design, the Dog shower comb will be saved and more foam will be created


This Dog shower comb is made of high quality ABS, the Dog shower comb is harmless. Compared to other metal brushes, the silicone brush is soft, your pet's skin will never be hurt. With a ergonomic design, the Dog shower comb looks like a computer mouse is easy to grip and will not slip away


  • Soap liquid container design: Dog shower comb contain design lets the user simply press the brush top to control the soap liquid volume, no need to build a cleaning bubble by your hands..
  • Soft silicone brush: The Dog shower comb can not only remove the excess hair but also can effectively massage your pet’s skin by the soft silicone hair..
  • Compact size: The Dog shower comb features in its compact size, only 4.52*2.95*2.36inch(L*W*H), convenient to carry out, not occupying much storage space..
  • Durable material: Made from high quality ABS material, compact and practical, convenient to carry out, not occupying much storage space..
  • Scope of application: The Dog shower comb is widely suitable for different sizes cat and dog, perfect for bathroom usage, reducing the pet’s resistance to showering.

How To Use:


Q. Does it work for long hair

A. Yes, no matter what type of hair.

Q. Is it suitable for dogs? Maybe someone bought Siberian Husky for the breed.

A. Don't buy. Spend money. Take a simple sponge, apply two drops of shampoo, foam this is enough for washing

Q. Why do you wash the dog like that ?! Poor dog, he is not a rug !!! He looks clearly uncomfortable, so sad! I was going to buy this product until I saw the video.

A. It is good for the dog to get a good shampoo massaged, it is better this way for the environment because you will need less shampoo for the furry dogs