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Montessori Toys Ten Frame Fine Motor Ten Frame Math

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So many fun ways to count to 10 from The Montessori ReStore!

I designed these pieces to assist children in developing a basic number sense within 10 by developing route counting, one to one correspondence, an understanding of even/odd, and addition and subtraction skills. With the butterfly children can also learn about symmetry! 
Adding a set of bamboo tongs or a small wooden scoop to transfer the wool balls helps children build fine motor skills and coordination in their fingers and wrist.

It's just so much fun to make the frames beautiful! As I sat up this invitation I found myself playing with a fish for a long time! I made a rainbow fish, a goldfish, blue and purple fish! Suddenly I realized I had better move on if I wanted to get the rest of my work done... But then again play as my work and work is my play!

I believe using the heirloom quality, natural, fun, and beautiful materials encourages a playful and meaningful interaction with the numbers. As children play they will develop math, language, literacy, and fine motor skills.

Each pattern comes with 10 rainbow balls and a pair of bamboo tongs.
Complete set comes with 60 rainbow balls and 3 pairs of bamboo tongs.
98% of customers buy wool balls in more colors for children's whimsy.

This set does contain small parts and should not be played with by children 3 and under with out supervision.
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