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Retractable Dog Leash Strong Nylon Cord, With Anti-Slip Grip Heavy Duty 360° Tangle-No Pet Leashes with Waste Bag Dispenser

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❤Easy to Control: Thanks to the unique break&lock safety system, you can easily plan your pet's activity space with this extra long nylon cord dog leash. With just one push, your puppy can explore freely or avoid dangers in time.

Retractable Dog Leash is the Only Thing You Need for Walking with Your Beloved Pet.

Why Choose Us?

- The powerful nylon cord extends to 16 feet, which is durable and easy to control dogs up to 110 pounds.

- The smooth ABS case won't scratch your hand. And the humane non-slip handle provides great comfort and grip.

- Our high quality springs can cycle back and forth 70,000 times without distortion.

- Excellent rust resistance and can be used for many years at freezing temperatures.

- Easy and convenient control. You can control your pet easily with just one hand.