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Solar Ultrasonic Electronic Repeller Waterproof Animal Repellent

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Ultrasonic Repeller Principle
Through the PIR sensor, the PIR sensor distance is 10-33ft, and the detection angle is 110 degrees from the front. When an animal is detected, the driver sends out a strong ultrasonic wave. When the animals hear it, they feel uncomfortable and leave. No trap, no harm to animals, humanized repellent.

Super waterproof function
The waterproof grade is upgraded to IP55 and the sealing grade is IP65, to achieve the best waterproof performance. It can be used outdoors even on rainy days. It adapts to any weather situation.

Two charging modes
A solar charging panel is installed on the top of the repeller, with 3 AA batteries inside, which is environmentally friendly, energy saving and long lasting, to ensure the long-term operation of the repeller. repellent. You can use the configured USB cable to complete charging, or you can put the repeller in a place with enough sunlight to get the best charging effect.

Easy Installation
You can use the set rod to insert the ultrasonic repeller into the ground. You can also use the lifting rings on both sides of the ultrasonic repeller to hang it on the wall and other places.

Wide Application
The ultrasonic repeller is suitable for gardens, vegetable fields, parking lots, communities, fish ponds, warehouses and other large-scale areas.