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Wireless Dog Fence By Impact Shop

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Let your pet have the freedom of your yard without the fear of them running away.

Your pet can have the freedom they want without hindering their freedom by tying them on a leash. It doesn’t matter if you have a small yard our wireless dog fence with its exclusive wireless plus technology will allow your dogs or cats to roam freely without crossing the threshold of your property! It has an adjustable operating distance of 500m which makes it 60 per cent more than your regular wireless fence available in the market. You don’t have to worry if your yard is not square/ rectangle. This fence is perfect for tight spaces and irregularly shaped yards. You can simply relax and let your pet wander and play.

Wireless Dog Fence Features:

  • It is completely wireless: You are not required to do any wiring or burying. Setting it up is rather simple
  • You can adjust the long-range and short-range distances: The long-range distance allows your pet to run and play covering a distance of about 1650ft/ 500m. you can adjust the distance depending on your requirement.
  • The wireless dog fence is both stationary and portable: You can keep it plugged or you can unplug and take it with you.
  • It comes with a power-saving mode: To conserve its power the receiver goes into a power-saving mode. It automatically switches to standby if it is not used as long as for 1 minute. This does not affect the function of the fence. The fence and the collar remain active.
  • It also comes with a back supply of 10 hours: It has a built-in backup battery of 1000 mAh. In case you are not at home and there is a power cut your pet will be safe and inside the fenced area
  • It is waterproof and ultra-durable.
  • It trains and stops your dog from running away: The receiver trains the dog by using vibrations and electric shocks if it steps out of the designated area of the fence. Once it learns not to step out it will be warned simply with the vibrations
  • It has a plug and plays set up: You just need to plug in the receiver and set the radius. Now put the collar on the dog and you are ready to go. It advised that you train your dog beforehand not to go beyond the perimeter of the wireless fence you set up.
  • It has three levels: electric shock strong, medium, and weak.

It works wonders on stubborn or hard-to-train dogs while being safe for everyone who enters your yard. The static correction only goes through the two contact points on the receiver. The receiver includes a tone plus static-correction-only mode for training.

The wireless fence works for dogs of all sizes. The collar is fully adjustable, and fits dogs 10lbs and up. 

Wireless Dog Fence Specifications:

  • US plug/ AU plug/ EU plug/ UK plug
  • It is available in the color black
  • Covers a distance of 0-1650ft/ 500m
  • Suitable for pets weighing 10-150lbs
  • The size of the transmitter is 19.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 5.5 cm.
  • The size of the receiver is 60 mm x 36 mm x 30 mm.

The package contains:

One transmitter comes with a built-in chargeable lithium battery.
1/2/3 collar receiver with a built-in chargeable lithium battery.
One test light tool
Four screws
One user manual
One charger
One USB cable 1/2/3
1/2/3 one pair of conducting column