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Wireless Electric Portable Dog Fence System with Multiple Collar

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    Let Your Pet Have The Freedom Of Your Yard Without The Fear Of Them Running Away 

Your yard might be small. But that doesn't mean you have to keep your pet on a short leash. Wireless Plus technology lets your dog or cat play right up to the edge of your property. A portable dog fence has an adjustable operating distance of 500m, which's 60% more distance than most wireless dog fences, making it the perfect fit for tight spaces or uniquely shaped lots. So, relax. And let your pet make the most of your (not-so-squared) yardage. 

The GPS wireless dog fence uses a constant radio signal to create a safety zone with a circular range from the transmitter of up to 500 meters (1640 feet).
That's up to 5000 square feet or nearly 1.24 acres!

Features & Benefits

  • Completely wireless system.
  • A circular signal area from the location of the transmitter.
  • The max. range is up to 500 meters and the min. the range is 20 meters from the transmitter location.
  • An unlimited number of receivers can be supported at the same time.
  • 100 levels of intensity with no jump step for remote range adjustment.
  • Fits most size dogs The adjustable collar of the electric dog fence allows you to create a perfect fit for your pet.
  • Cost-Effective: Don't worry about putting a fence up! Our invisible dog fence Training System can teach your pet for a much lower price.
  • It is very easy to set up the coding between the transmitter and the receiver (on the collar).
  • The receiver is waterproof, rechargeable, economical, and durable.
  • Progressive tone stimulus - the receiver gives a  warning tone first and then a shock stimulus if your dog doesn't stop moving towards the boundary.
  • Automatic speed detection.
  • You can set the control range within the max. range.
  • Simple operation and quick function setting


1. Start up the System
The system begins in sleep mode but will start up if your dog runs beyond the setting distance. The receiver collar on your dog's neck issues a 'beep beep' warning signal when your dog gets close to the boundary. If the dog still doesn't stop, a static shock will be issued, to remind your dog to return to the safe zone.

2. Work Mode
In work mode, the red LED light will flash every 2 seconds. If the receiver is out of the setting range from the transmitter it will beep 3 times first, and then start giving static shocks, increasing in intensity.

3. Sleeping Mode
If there is no movement for more than one minute, the system will automatically go into sleeping and power-saving mode. Once the receiver senses movement, it will wake up immediately.

How does it work?

  • Plan your layout.
  • Install and test your system.
  • Put the receiver on the collar.
  • Put the collar on your dog and start with the lowest stimulation level.

Package Includes:

1 x Transmitter (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
1, 2, or 3 Collar Receiver(s) (Built-in rechargeable lithium battery)
1, 2, or 3 Test Light Tool(s)
4 x Screws (to mount transmitter onto the wall)
1 x User Manual(English)
1 x Charger
1, 2, or 3 Collar Strap(s)
4, 8, or 12 Metal Probes