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Women's canvas shoes fashion trainers

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Size 36 = Foot Length 23.0cm
Size 37 = Foot Length 23.5cm
Size 38 = Foot Length 24.0cm
Size 39 = Foot Length 24.5cm
Size 40 = Foot Length
25.0cm Size 41 =
Foot Length 25.5cm Size 42 = Foot Length 26.0cm
Size 43 = foot length 26.5cm
size 44 = foot length 27.0cm
size 45 = foot length 27.5cm
size 46 = foot length 28.0cm
size 47 = foot
length 28.5cm size 48 = foot length 29.0cm
    • In these shoes you will be like walking on a cloud, because the memory foam insole supports you with every step.

    • Cushion-like, double-lined memory foam sockliner is very soft. And the shoes are easy to combine.


    It helps to control, stabilize and balance the foot. Thermoformable for a custom fit. It absorbs shocks and reduces friction, improving overall foot comfort.

    • Posture Correction: Straighten the hips, correct the knee kick and muscle imbalance by adjusting the structure of the feet.

    • Reduces Pain: Eliminate pain from flat feet, poor walking posture, and plantar fasciitis.

    • Great Cushioning Soles: Make your walk more stable and stand for hours without straining or imbalance.