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Wooden Robot Ornament Model Kits

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This Robot woodcarving is as a decoration is a great choice!!

It is also a great gift for your family and friends, they will love this little guy!

This Robot , no matter where it is placed, is a very special decoration.

Carved by hand in 7 days by wood carvers with 20 years of experience, each Robot is unique!

Let's applaud the artwork!

Wooden Robot Ornament】: A cute wooden robot with two big eyes, a stomach that can be used for storage, can see the stored things through the glass, and can be opened and closed well. If placed in fallen leaves, it can be well integrated.

【Product material】: The main material is wood, the ears, arms and feet are made of metal, and the fixing device is also metal, and the robot stomach is made of glass.

【Product size】: 9*8*13cm/3.54*3.15*5.11in, the net weight of the product is about 218g.

【Exquisite decorations】: It is very suitable whether it is placed indoors or outdoors. It will be a good decoration when placed indoors. It is very suitable for collection racks, windowsills, TV racks, and desks. It can also be integrated into the environment when placed outdoors, such as foyer, lawn, swimming pool.

【FUN GIFT】: This wooden robot is made by hand, the body parts to the fixtures are all handmade, it can be a good handicraft. Great as a gift for a kid, or a robot-loving gift.

Product Introduction:

Material: wood+metal+glass

Size: 9*8*13cm/3.54*3.15*5.11in (to ensure the overall sense of art, each one has a slight difference)

Net Weight:218g

Package Included:
1 x Wooden Robot