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12000 Lumens LED Flashlight, Super Bright High Lumen T6 LED Flashlights Portable Outdoor Water

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Comparison of the brightness of T6 lamp b ead and L2 lamp bead, V6 does not take pictures, V6 to be  More penetrating and concentrated











Super strong endurance
Sustainable use for more than 5 hours.



IPX6 grade waterproof
Can be used normally in rainy days


According to your different needs, choose the package you need
More than 90 percent of customers will choose to purchase packages that come with batteries. More than 90 percent of customers who do not purchase batteries will regret it, but the postal service does not allow batteries to be sent separately. Therefore, buyers are advised to purchase packages with batteries.
About the charger\'s specifications: Please leave a message at the time of purchase, select the charger specifications you need, if no choice, we will send the plug of the EU specification
Practical scenario display



Battery model
Use one rechargeable 18650 battery or three AAA batteries


Product features and composition





Buy a flashlight and get a free gift
You can tie a flashlight to a bike or something that you need to fix in place
Designed to install a Flashlight or Laser Sight onto the .
Suitable for 25mm Flashlight & Laser Sight Tube mounting need.
Flashlight Mount can also be installed on standard weaver rail alone.
Fully adjustable with nuts & screws included.
Great look for attaching onto rifle scope with extra accessories installed.
Complete solution for Mounting Flashlight & Laser Sight on rifle.
Constructed of Full Metal Material, extra Strong Shock Absorption ability.
Matte Black Finish look so COOL on any rifle.
About Q5 LED flashlight
1. The body of this flashlight is built of high quality aluminum alloy, and it has a very solid construction
2. Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
3. Excellent waterproof, suitable for outdoor environment, adverse weather conditions except to used
4. Focus function that allow the beam can be focused.
. Model: A100 Q5
. Llight color: red / green / uv / yellow / blue light
. Emitter Type:  XP-G Q5 BULB  (3000LM)
. Bulb Quantity:1
. Light Color: White
. LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours
• Mode: 5-Modes (high - medium - low - SOS - Strobe)
. Mode Arrangement:  Zoom in & Zoom out
. Max Lighting Distance: 500 m
. Battery Configuration:  T6:  1*18650 / 3 x AAA batteries    (choose the option, if need battery )
. Input Voltage:3.7-4.2V
. Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
. Switch Location: Tail-cap
. Lens: Convex Lens
. Special Features: Zoomable
. Material: Aluminum Alloy
. BODY Color: Black 
8000LM-XM-L2-U3-Powerful-Waterproof-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Portable-Camping-Lamp-Lights-Lanternas-Self-Defense (4)
red light flashlight keeps your night vision: flashlight with a red light are a great option to have for camping, outdoor, or nighttime activities. The red light option on a headlamp allows you to find things in the dark while allowing you to keep your night vision.
Red light Headlamp are used in hogs, coyotes hunting, night reading, photography dark rooms, fishing, aviation, hiking, camping, running, astronomy, night observation and detecting, military bunkers, and anywhere you might find yourself working in the dark. It gives you light to see by, while at the same time keeping your eyes adjusted for the dark.
Using a red light not only help preserve your night vision, but shorten the recovery time once you turn off the bright white lights.
8000LM-XM-L2-U3-Powerful-Waterproof-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Portable-Camping-Lamp-Lights-Lanternas-Self-Defense (1)
GREEN LED LIGHT: Green LED’s are specifically designed for people who love the challenges of the unruly outdoors. For instance, this illumination color has an optimal function for vigorous and hardcore hunters. A lot of huntsmen has approved that green LED’s attracts a lot of wild games which include deer. Unlike the common white light, the green light doesn’t alarm the creatures of the forest. Therefore, this makes it easier for hunters to head home in triumph every hunting season.
Green bulbs are also ideal for both full-time and seasonal fishermen. White LED’s scare away fishes but green illumination doesn’t spook them. If you are a fishing hobbyist who loves doing it at night, head to the nearest river or lake with a green headlamp in your backpack.
If you are into trekking and setting up camps in the mountain summits, taking a green flashlight with you is highly recommended. This lighting shade is ideal for achieving night vision while hiking through dark and extreme paths. Moreover, green LED’s are also perfect for illuminating your tent at twilight. Aside from avoiding disturbance to other campers, this light color also doesn’t attract tricky and dangerous insects. Thus, you can delight in the assurance that you will descend from the mountain with no fatal insect bites.
8000LM-XM-L2-U3-Powerful-Waterproof-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Portable-Camping-Lamp-Lights-Lanternas-Self-Defense (2)QQ截图20200412174514
 UV 395 nm LED
Super mini size, UV Flashlight.
Skid-proof design & waterproof design.
Adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus.
Clip for convenience carry.
Working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.
Uses: money detector, night fishing, according to drift, according to the prayer beads, according to traces of forensic class of special purpose industries use
Application areas:
1.Arresting scorpions, and examination of tickets. Passport, credit card, identity card.
2.Animal urine test. 
3.Paper towels, facial mask, cosmetic, children's toys, books, clothes
4.Disinfection sterilization.
5.Anti-fake detection 
6.Fluorescent powder, phosphor agent detection.
7.Ore, jewelry, jade detection.......
8000LM-XM-L2-U3-Powerful-Waterproof-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Portable-Camping-Lamp-Lights-Lanternas-Self-Defense (3)
Yellow  LED Light
Because of its particular wavelength yellow light, yellow light elements the minimum refraction and diffusing when spread, in another word, it has the most grounded infiltrating capacity. Under the same conditions, the yellow light spread more distant than other lights. Things being what they are, it is not hard to guess why the a set of traffic lights has a yellow light and the fog light in the car shine yellow light.
Yellow light is the colored light with the least refraction and scattering among all visible light. In other words, yellow light is the most penetrating. Under the same conditions, yellow light travels farther than other visible light. The outdoor environment at night is usually accompanied by water vapor and mist. In such an environment, a yellow light flashlight is more suitable.
The blue light from a blue lens flashlight is used widely to see at night without ruining night vision. Blue light is popular with fishermen because it can attract fish and cause some to glow reflectively to make them easier to see, while hunters can more easily track the blood of wounded animals. Outside of the outdoors blue light is used for spotting blood and fluids at crime scenes, for cutting through fog, and as a night alternative to red light or green light.
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