About Us

We started Spinpaper with a simple belief: Walk towards greater health.

Spinpaper is a brand about the power of walking. Walking is by far the most underrated exercise that is suitable for beginners of all ages who seek to lose weight or keep fit healthily.

The founder, Mett Leo, started as a passion project to help his mom get back into shape. Struggling with weight gain and low self esteem, he encouraged his mom to practice walking around the park daily. Meanwhile, he also designed a pair of walking shoes that look stylish and comfortable for her feet. After one month of perseverance, his mom finally see some results and felt more motivated and confident than ever before. 

Of all our shopping woes, shopping for shoes was the most frustrating. Not knowing which shoes would Keep healthy and which were right for their feet, combined with age were growing, made it difficult to keep up. Talking to others, we quickly discovered we weren’t alone. Most were resorting to ordering multiple styles and sizes online just hoping one would fit. Often, them still ended up with the wrong size.

60% of parents have lost some anatomical and functional health in their feet due to improper shoes. It became His new hobby and this inspired Mett to help others who face the same problem as his mom. 

Spinpaper continues to focus on designing comfortable walking shoes and apparel that benefit for the community of walkers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people lose weight healthily through the benefits of walking. For those who have succeeded, we want to gather a community of walkers to help others become healthier versions of themselves. 



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